Audio This team keeps the technical equipment we use for sound and video up-to-date and running smoothly. They provide support to the worship team during the Sunday 9:45 morning service.

Bookstore The bookstore is available on Sunday Mornings, with new books, bibles, clothes and study tools. Also, the bookstore is available to take payments on retreats, camps, and events. 

CafeThis ministry operates on Sunday morning. They offer coffee, tea, water and donuts at the end of both first and second services.

Children’s Ministry – Teaches children about the love of Jesus, and provides activities for them during normal church services.

Graphics Creates graphics used for the church website, signs, etc.

HarbingerWe aim to teach High School students God’s love through His word, and equip our students to boldly share God’s love with others.

Marriage – Works to build up and protect the marriages in our church. Counseling is available, and we have an annual retreat.

Meals – A group of church members that prepare meals for people when life gets busy, such as after a hospital stay.

Men’s Ministry A ministry that provides opportunity for the men in the church to get together and experience accountability, Bible study and fellowship.

Photography This is a group of people that capture major events of the church throughout the year. All photos featured on our church website were taken by the Photography team.

Prayer Team Prays with those that come forward during Sunday morning services for prayer.

Pray 1st – Our time each month dedicated to prayer for the church. Open to all! Our church started in prayer and will always continue to seek the Lord as we move forward in reaching our community with the Love of Christ.

Security – Monitors the building and parking lot during church services. Focuses on overall church safety.

Setup / Tear Down – Prepares the school for worship early Sunday morning, and loads everything back into the church trailer to be stored throughout the week.

Signs Ministry – Places signs for our Sunday morning services every Friday, to help people find their way to the church, and picks them up Sunday evening.

Usher’s and GreetersGreeters: welcome those attending services on Sunday mornings. Ushers: hands out weekly church bulletin to all who come. And equips new comers with church information and a welcome packet. They also assist in helping people find a seat.

Visual This is a team of men and women that work directly with our projection program. They operate slides during our times of worship and queue up any videos that will be played during our services. They also make sure correlating scripture references appear on the screen during church services.

Website – Creates and maintains the church website and assists with other church technology needs.

Women’s Ministry – All women are welcome as we come together for friendship, fellowship, and discipleship. We have a variety of different bible studies and activities throughout the year as well as an annual Retreat and a Christmas Tea.

WorshipOur goal is to make it as easy as possible for the congregation to enter into a time of worshiping the Lord during services.