Meals & Helps Ministry
“Meal Train”

Melissa Dionne heads up our Meals & Helps ministry, using an online tool called “Meal Train” to keep track of things. We can use this to organize meals, help shoveling the sidewalks, rides or even a potluck if we really wanted.

If you would like to be part of the team supporting each other through the joyous times, and the harder times, contact Melissa at

We set up an account for the church which she will keep updated. Here’s the link where people can sign up either to receive help or meals or if you would like to provide help.

Whenever one of us finds out about a need in the church, we can get the info over to Melissa at  She will call the person up and find out what kind of help they need, how often and for how long.  She will get important info like food allergies; how to drop things off; the number of people to be fed etc. She will put all of that in the system to create a mini Web page and calendar for that person’s need – we share that with those who are willing to help.

Once a person has agreed to be part of the meal train ministry they will automatically be notified anytime a new need arises in the church and they can choose to schedule themselves to help as much or little as they are able. The system keeps a calendar of what days meals or help are provided and will automatically notify people when its their turn. It also has built in options to send people gift cards, food delivery and it gives the option for the person receiving the help to cancel or change their meal train at any time.

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