Chris Michael

Assistant Pastor - Youth Ministry
  • 720 - 899-2448

Chris had no intention of joining the staff of Calvary GVR when he first volunteered as a youth leader in 2018. He had been listening for an opportunity to serve the church and share his nerdy fanboy passion for the Bible, and when they announced a need in the Youth Ministry, he knew it was God’s response. That snowballed quickly; he’s the Youth pastor now and gets to talk about the Bible as much as he wants! Almost. (But he’s got the occasional Wednesday night or Sunday morning and his patient and loving wife to make up the difference.)

When he lost his day job to the pandemic, he found himself uniquely able to serve God in the church in another way; he used his extra time to help Calvary GVR establish the online services that allowed us to continue meeting, though in a new way. He was pleased to find plenty of ways to make himself useful over the past year, and in the fall of 2020 became Assistant Pastor to give him all that much more excuse to help wherever he can.

Chris has a (previously mentioned patient and loving) wife, Carolyn, of almost a perfect dozen years, two charmingly spunky daughters, and the world’s sweetest rescue dog, Petey. He’s lived in Colorado for a surprisingly long time but was born and raised an Air Force kid and consequently has childhood tales to tell from essentially everywhere. He loves nerd things and Jesus and nerd things about Jesus and can spout off facts about ancient history like they’re sports statistics from last week’s game. His defining character trait, though, is his love for God and all His children, which he displays by showing up to help a friend install a ceiling fan or to set up chairs on Sunday morning.