Brian Michaels

Board Member
Pastor Brian has served the body of Christ in ministry for nearly 35 years. Brian began teaching the Bible as a lay leader aboard his submarine during his years in the US Navy. He has served as a youth pastor, worship leader, church planter and was blessed to watch the Lord grow Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs from 50 people to multiple thousands under his leadership as Senior Pastor. At RMC, Pastor Brian was instrumental in Stephen Armstrong coming to faith in Christ, baptizing him and watching him grow in the Word, eventually becoming the leader of his own ministry based in San Antonio, Texas. Brian was privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for Verse-by-Verse Ministries for many years.
After planting a church in Las Vegas and ministering there for 7 years, Pastor Brian and his wife returned to Colorado Springs in 2012 to plant Springs Lighthouse, where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor. Brian’s wife, Jeanine, their four adult children, and their seven grandchildren, are counted among his greatest blessings. As the Pastor of Springs Lighthouse, Pastor Brian is not only a gifted teacher but a gifted leader as well. His teachings are strong in application and Biblical insight, but also refreshingly humorous and entertaining. People all over the globe enjoy the teaching ministry of Pastor Brian and Springs Lighthouse through the church’s website. His integrity, strength of character, sincerity and heart for others make him an outstanding leader and shepherd of God’s people. He knows he is a man saved by the grace of God through faith in His Savior, Jesus Christ and is as much in need of the truths in scripture as those he teaches.